Spezielle kratzfeste Oberfläche

by Insert Piz Here->

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This is one of the more fake Piz albums, if not the fakest of all time. Maybe that's why everyone likes it!

Ice cream is yummy.


released September 12, 1998



all rights reserved


Insert Piz Here-> Tucson, Arizona

Yogurt brain watermelon toenail doorknob. Robot muncher golf ball tumbler candy cruncher pinball plumbler. Negative noseteen potato power biscuit gum.

Tucson's number one experimental avant-garde gothic free jazz punk rock band since 1995.
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Track Name: Aristocratic Prairie Dogs
Spencer: don't go uieh biue buhu hhuo eei i wa i want you to stay and andand be my friend
Frieda Frog: what is a friend?
Spencer: doehu well uh friends, uh, help each other, and uh uh baeh well they play with each other, and ooh, have fun with each other! hoh friends spend time together and and go places together, and call each other by their first names! hhhoheh hoo well my my name is spencer huh
Frieda Frog: well, my name is frieda frog, and i'd like to be your friend. would that mean i wouldn't be alone anymore?
Spencer: ooh uhoo! friends do spend a lot of time together . . . but i know a way to be friends even when you're aloneoiiuheooaa!
Track Name: Purple Marker
how many times does the tree fall on your head
how many times does the rain drown you in your house
how many times do you die from diarrhea
how many times do you fall into a crater and die
how many times does a hurricane come to take you away
up to the sky and throw you against a wall and splat you like a bug
how many times will your heart explode and you'll fall down
how many times will you die
how many times will you die
how many times will you drink poison instead of orange juice
how many times will you eat grenades instead of candy
how many times will a helicopter land on you and squash you
how many times will you slip in your bathroom and smash your head
Track Name: Farmer Joe Blows His Nose on His Overalls
mr. scary
mr. scary
mr. scary likes a pretzel
mr. scary likes a pretzel
Track Name: Blue Blue Blue
the time is short in the age of sport
dry leaves are rustling dead to the ground
the hours are long in the ages of song
as the wind fills the air with its soft silent sound
the faces they pass by our eyes opened wide
as faces disappear the song stays at our side
watching the leaves empty your mind
watch your face pass and leave it behind
and hear your song joined with the song of the leaves
and the sound of the wind and the sound of the trees
and when you see yourself stop and the world goes on
it will leave you behind but it will carry your song
Track Name: Sawdust
look up at the sky
do you know how to make an airplane out of a tie
peel the fruit of deceit, crack the nut of pain
everything will kill you when you leave it in the rain
then you die
walk down the path, run down the street,
stroll through the woods then you die
you die because they kill you
everything in the world kills you over and over
until you die
Track Name: $100
i'm gonna wake up today
and then i'll eat breakfast today
and then i'll brush my teeth today
and then i'll take a shower today
and then i'll go to the mall today
and then i'll eat some lunch today
and then i'll go to work today
and then i'll kill you today
and then i'll eat dinner today
and then i'll eat dessert today
and then i'll go to sleep today
Track Name: Pomegranix 2000
i'm a robot and i have a job
my job is to walk up stairs
up these stairs i carry some fruit
like oranges, kiwis, grapefruits & pairs
most of the time my job is okay
i like carrying fruit up stairs every day
but sometimes when i'm doing my job
my fruit falls down the stairs
i have to go down after the fruit
and pick it all up and go back up the stairs
i'm a robot and i have a job
i like my job but i hate my fruit
except bananas because they're good
they teach me how to turn trees into wood

[computer part:] peaches,,,,,,,,,, limes,,,,,,,,,,, oranges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tomatoes,,,,,, yes, tomatoes, tomatoes are fruits because they have seeds,,,,,,,,,, anyway,,,, mangoes,,,,,, apricots,,,,,,, kiwis,,,,,,,, tangelos,,,,,,,, ugli fruits,,,,, strawberries,,,,,,,,,,, apples,,,,,, bananas,,,,,,, banananananananananananas,,,,,, oi,,,,, bananas,,,, pomegranates,,,,,,,,, pineapples,,,,,, grapes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, grapefruits,,,,,,,,,, pears,,,,,, bananannanananannananannanananannananas,,,,,,, nectarines,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, blueberries,,,,,,, blackberries,,,,,,,, lemons,,,,, plums,,,,,,,,, raspberries,,,,,,, cantaloupes,,,,,,, papayayayayayayyayayayayas,,, forgive me, papayas,,,, melons,,,,,
Track Name: Indecisive Library Patron
Track Name: Remember
there are forty-seven bones in the human eyeball
cameras disguised as donuts are often used for surveillance
in nebraska there is a road which is only two feet long
and did you know that plastic is the number one cause of cancer
Track Name: Inventory
trees, bones, pick up a stone and feed it to your knees
windows, books, have you ever seen a cube?
build your face out of your nose
and sell it to your eye for $22
spoons, twigs, shoes, swords, five pounds of iron spells oatmeal
light bulbs, feet, kick off your leg
tomatoes, nails, eat a pail
Track Name: Origami
there's a little midget walking down an alley
he's got a cane and a coat
and he's under a spotlight
he finds a piece of trash on the side of the alley
where it's wet
by the gutter
there's a bum sleeping under newspapers next to him
he picks up the trash and kicks the bum
he eats the trash
Track Name: The Witching Hour
Track Name: FunWorld
see all the living colors run into your eyes
jump up and down and eat an apple
in this land of fun and joy
it doesn't matter if you're dead, oh boy
just open your mouth and say please
then wash your feet with a piece of cheese
in this land of color and fun
all the bad things are done, done, done
Track Name: The Most Accurate Decimal Calculation of pi to Date
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls on
the circle, the circle, rolls on a squirrel
the circle rolls on a squirrel wearing pants
the squirrel, the squirrel rolls on a square
the square, the square falls on a circle
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls on
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls
it rolls into a square with a squirrel on the square
and the square falls down to hit another circle
the circle, the circle, the circle rolls
the circle rolls onto a squirrel
the squirrel, the squirrel, the squirrel's wearing pants
the pants, the pants, the pants are on the squirrel
the squirrel, the squirrel rolls onto a square
the square, the square, the square now rolls
it rolls, and rolls, and rolls to a circle
the circle, it falls. it falls on a ball
the ball, it bounces into a squirrel
the squirrel, it eats the ball and eats a square
the square, the square, the square is in the squirrel
the squirrel, the squirrel, the squirrel's in the circle
the circle, the circle, the circle's in the square
Track Name: Entropy Puke
Track Name: The Sun Never Sets
i was going to europe this summer but i had to go to japan instead because my grandparents live in australia and i didn't want them to know that i liked europe because england sent all the prisoners to australia when it was discovered so i went to japan
Track Name: Wax Hodad Fangs
e gothic uoooo iiie eoee houhoeueoehoooa
Track Name: Stop Beating Him (He's Dead)
Track Name: The Robot that Takes Over the World
i am the robot that takes over the world
i'm big and square and shiny
my eyes look like light bulbs
my mouth blinks red
and i've got antenna coming out of my head
Track Name: Paper Airplane
Track Name: The Blood of Evil
you have tasted the blood of evil
thought it was sweet and now you want some more
you have druk the blood of the devil
done it again and have done it before
killing the lives of innocent beings,
you love to look and stare
knowing what you do it gives you feelings
but not enough that you will care
telling the children you know their problems
looking at them you say you're their friend
tell the people you know how to solve them
you've done your evil once again
taking the souls of all your brothers
you are blind to what you do
hurting yourself and one and other
you say you're mad but i am too
don't trust me and i don't trust you
don't trust anyone i run into
the world is filled with trash and evil
you're right there to bring the fear
knowing what you do it makes you deceitful
so leave the world and don't come here
Track Name: Tapeworm Blues
i got a tapeworm eatin' away at my guts
i got a tapeworm and it's really drivin' me nuts
my old woman died and my dog kicked me out the house
but now i got a tapeworm as well as everything else
i got a tapeworm, i can't eat my food
i can pretend but i'm really givin' it to him
Track Name: Glistening Mall Tiles
Track Name: Suggestions
if you won 23 million dollars in the lottery
and bought 46 million cans of soda
and you drink 15 cans of soda a day
it would take 8401.8264 years to drink all of them.
now, if you had 3 friends and you each drank 2 six-packs a day,
it would take you 2025.5707 years to drink all of them.
if you had 15 friends who drank 3 six-packs each a day,
it would take 366.76813 years to drink all of the soda.
if you bought tootsie rolls® with the money
you could buy 460 million tootsie rolls®.
if you had 10 people eating 500 tootsie rolls a day each
it would take 252054.79 years to eat all of them.
if you flushed the toilet every 5 seconds,
you could flush the toilet 17,280 times a day.
that's 31,536,000 in 5 years.
Track Name: Johnny and the Platypus (Artificial Intelligence)
do you hate the way i look
do you read from your holy book
who is the face of your devil
take this hate to another level
johnny & the platypus
do you hear little red people
how high is your erected steeple
what is wrong with a little fun
does your god bear a sun
johnny & the platypus
what's under your bed little girl
did you check for me
what is in your head little girl
is it i who you see
johnny & the platypus
lick it, shove it, keep it, end it
Track Name: Funnel Cake
i went to the fair last night and i played this awful game
you stab things in the dark for a prize and i've never been the same
i won something at the fair but i don't know what it is
it has something that looks like hair but i don't know what it is
i put it outside, it comes to hunt me through my window by my tree
i hope it's not the thing i stabbed in that dark and awful room
i'm afraid it might kill me
kill me with my broom
Track Name: Somnia In
every time i become able to discern dream from reality my mind strives subconsciously to trick me into believing i am awake while i dream by making them more complex. i once dreamt i awoke four times; the final two tricked me and when i awoke i had to ask myself if it was real. so far nothing has given me a clue that this is still a production of the same night in slumber.
Track Name: Happy Robot Work Song
Track Name: The Cello of Sparta
pushing the yellow boulder
waiting for the cello holder
sitting on everything
i am the only man who knows about the cello man
and he is the only man who can let it go again
that is why i'm pushing now
if i move far enough i'll bring forth the cello cow
cello cow will call the one that with his moo, he made run
cello man will celebrate by sealing the cello cow's fate
cello cow is headless now and the man has the cello now
yellow boulder falling fast
people fear shadow it casts
they were squished when tried to run
but new ones now kill with a gun
and cello man just play his song
Track Name: Supersonic Elevator to Another Dimension
Track Name: Pre-Television Pawn
i have a wooden head
it looks like a ball
i have a plastic body
it gives me cancer
i'm blue and orange
and red and yellow and purple
i carry a flag and a flag
it's indigo
with stripes
of no color at all
i walk to the mall
Track Name: Ceiling Fan with a Cat in it
Track Name: Learn How to Die
learn how to die, learn how to die
you're learnin' how to live but you need to learn how to die
as i watch myself write these words, i feel as though i'm a bird
beyond the sky i soar and fly, higher and higher until no end
come along with me, my friend
and learn how to die, learn how to die
you're learnin' how to live but you need to learn how to die
no one knows how i feel
all the layers of my brain are gonna peel
take off my shoes, fill the air into my lungs
oh boy are we gonna have fun
learn how to die, learn how to die
you're learnin' how to live but you need to learn how to die
oh yeah
Track Name: Alluminium Waves
Track Name: Bad Song #1
the birds fly down
from the sky and then they drown
in the water with the fish
jump out and make a wish
to be in the fire with the wood
that came from the trees that grew
out of the ground that's brown
which they made worms
and the birds ate the worms
Track Name: The Spaceship
the spaceship
Track Name: Brain-Flavored Toothpick
and i met him on the way to work
and i pulled out his liver and threw it at the wall
and i yanked out his heart and took it to the mall
and i tore off his leg and ate it for lunch
and i cut off his head and had it for brunch.
and i took him to work and showed all the guys
now we put him in all the pies
and i met him on the way to work
i was a food store clerk
Track Name: Truck Driver Road Rage
Track Name: Zoophobia
well the bats and the devils are eating all the darkness
but it always gets darker when the red wolves howl
and the sun is dead and the vampires kill everyone
including themselves even though they're undead
they're eating me
i'm dying a hundred times but i'm buried alive
by snakes and they bite me and i die
but the spiders chew me up and the horses eat my bones
and i step on a nail and it kills me
oh, they're eating me
i died a million times just to be eaten forever by a fish
yes the fish of doom
he swims in your eye and smells like the moon
the fish, the fish of doom
oh, they're eating me
ah, i died a million times
Track Name: Puddle on the Right
Track Name: Nothin' Stops the
nothin' stops the buh-b-buh-bootie
shake your bootie
i want you to shake
shake your bootie
now what we have here is
shake your bootie
now what we have here is buh-b-buh-bootie
Track Name: Propaganda
Track Name: It's Raining Blood
it's raining blood
drink up while you can
before the government takes control
and stores it all for them
mmm blood
yum yum
blood blood
fill up your pool
Track Name: Motel Hell
Track Name: Bees Hurtling Themselves at the Sun
mmmm mmmm mmmmm
mmm mmm mm mmm mmmm
aaaaahhh ahhhh aaaahhh
Track Name: Grapefruit Juice
grapefruit juice
Track Name: (Figure A)
hey, where are you going? oh, can i come?
i see everyone walking to the top of the stairs and i will follow them
i see everyone walking to the edge and i will follow them
i see everyone fall and die and i will follow them
'cause maybe i'll be the one to float to the other side and meet marilyn manson
Track Name: Spiders
Track Name: The Cost of Nothing
it's gone from its place but it has a new home
and over the earth is where nothing will roam
nothing is gone, but everything is lost
and giving up the future is nothing's cost
where nothing has gone is out to the world
we gave it all up to have nothing unfurled
it's gone from its place but it has a new home
and over the earth is where nothing will roam
emptiness sits in its den and its shack
waiting for someone to give it all back
we go to find someone if emptiness cared
it's lost all its feelings and all else it shared
if you love emptiness then give it what's lost
what you love will change and what you shared is is the cost
Track Name: The Sound of Sitting in a Silent Room